Judges and judging criteria

Meet the SA Chefs Competitions Director

Jodi-Ann Pearton

Jodi-Ann Pearton is the Competitions Director of The South African Chefs Association. She is a passionate and driven individual who owns The Food Design Agency, a business focused on product, recipe and menu development as well as food styling and inspirational upliftment.

Jodi-Ann has won almost every culinary competition in South Africa, including the coveted By Invitation Only and Sunday Times Chef of the Year titles. She has also competed abroad in various competitions winning many gold medals. Jodi-Ann believes that every dream that an individual dreams can come true and that if it does not hurt to achieve it, it is not worth it.

Jodi-Ann is accredited as a World Chefs Level B judge.


SA Chefs-approved judges

Key to judging levels:

  • World Chefs Level A
  • World Chefs Level B
  • A – National level judge with experience in international judging
  • B – National level judge
  • C – Apprentice judge

If anyone is left off the list or if there are errors they are to please email communications@saca.co.za.

For requests for judges please contact events@saca.co.za.

World Chefs Level AWorld Chefs Level BABC
Garth ShnierTrevor BoydAllister EsauAndy CordierAdrian Vigus-Brown
Martin KobaldArnold TanzerBradley KavanaghAndrew Unsworth
Heinz BrunnerBrian McCuneCarianne WilkinsonClaire Blinkhorn-Street
Heinz BrunnerCaryn EnglandCoovashan Pillay
Manfred MuellersElsu GerickeHilary Biller
Adrian Vigus BrownHenrico GrobbelaarJohn Boehler
Morne StrohMarlise Mostert
Nadeem RajaMichael Collings
Nicholas Van Der WaltPam Nel
Shaun Munro


Useful judging information, rules and regulations

Click here to download a run sheet for COMPETITOR BRIEFING during a SA Chefs-accredited competition.
Click here to download general competition requirements and rules.
Click here to download the HOSTS RESPONSIBILITIES during a SA Chefs-accredited competition.
Click here to download  Judges working score sheet.
Click here to download a Kitchen Judging sheet.