Manage a hotel, B&B or guest house? Here is why good coffee is vital to your business

1) Manage a hotel, B&B or guest house? Here is why good coffee is vital to your business

Owning or managing a hotel, B&B or guest house is a job many people dream about. You get to meet so many different people from all over the world and learn about their lives. You get to spend each day where people choose to pay to stay on holiday. And your job is never the same from one day to the next.

However, what many people don’t know is that there is a lot of pressure on you. You are responsible for attracting guests, keeping them happy and making sure every area of the business is run well. Ensuring that each and every guest enjoys their stay is what your job is all about. And that’s exactly why having good coffee available is vital to your business. Here are just a few reasons why.

Your business is where your customers wake up

For many people, their first cup of coffee is the most important part of their waking up ritual. They rely on the caffeine to help them start their day with energy and a good attitude. And if the accommodation they’ve chosen to stay at doesn’t offer them the chance to have that first cup of coffee of the day, they are not going to be happy, especially if they aren’t morning people. But for many people who begin their day with coffee, it has to be good coffee. Yes, they may drink it for the boost it offers, but they’re not going to get that boost if it tastes so bad they don’t want to drink it.

People who are on holiday are expecting a pleasurable experience and that experience is based on all the little things that come together to make each day of their trip enjoyable. And that first cup of coffee when they wake up in the morning is one of those little things.


Coffee encourages socialising

If you own a guest house, bed and breakfast or small hotel where you encourage guests to socialise, you definitely need a good coffee machine. There’s a reason coffee shops are where first dates often happen or where old friends get together to catch up. Coffee is good for socialisation. That instant boost of caffeine wakes the brain up and makes it easier for people to interact with strangers. If it’s been a long day, some guests may opt to head to their room instead of joining the other guests in the lounge for a chat. But if they know they can rely on a delicious cup of coffee to renew their energy and taste good at the same time, they’ll be more likely to want to join in on the social side of things.

Coffee is also a reason for people to socialise. If someone is shy, they may not want to go to the shared area because they know they’ll end up standing around awkwardly fiddling with their hands. However, if there is good coffee available, it gives them a reason to go downstairs to the entertainment area and even just holding the cup in their hand will make them feel more comfortable because they have a reason to be there. And one more thing, “Don’t you think this place has the best coffee” is an excellent conversation starter.

Coffee keeps people more awake and alert during meetings or conferences

If you have a conference venue, it’s extremely important you have coffee available at all times. Whether it’s a corporate presentation or team building event that you’re hosting, the guests are going to want to have a cup of coffee every now and then. Conferences are known to go on for quite some time and people rely on coffee breaks to give their mind a break from all the information they’ve been receiving. And if your guests are attending a networking event at your venue, coffee will encourage them to socialise (as we explained previously) and the success of a networking event relies on socialisation.

If you go into almost any office in the world, you will likely see coffee mugs littered on people’s desks. And that’s because people enjoy coffee while working because it keeps them alert, which increases productivity. You simply can’t be productive if you’re half asleep. And since there are likely business people staying at your venue, they’ll probably be working while they’re there as well.

Lastly, if your guests aren’t getting it from you, they’ll get it elsewhere

If your guests can’t get a good cup of coffee where they’re staying, they’re going to have to go out, find a place and buy a cup of coffee. And that might sound okay to you because they have an opportunity to explore their surroundings. But they aren’t going to have much fun doing that if they’re moody and half asleep. It could also completely disrupt their day if they arrived with a plan for how they wanted to spend their time. And they won’t appreciate that.

So, if you want your coffee-loving guests to have an experience they’ll love and will talk about to all their friends who are planning a getaway, then you should be on the hunt for a good coffee machine. And the best way to start is by looking at Nestlé Alegria coffee machines. This range of coffee machines is known for its easy-to-manage, low maintenance products which offer a great tasting cup of coffee every time. In addition to this, these machines come with complete and cost-effective after-sales service. What more could your establishment ask for?


2)Historical events that changed the way we enjoy our coffee today

The history of coffee is definitely an interesting one. From the story of how the coffee bean fruit may have been discovered by a goat in Ethiopia to all the different coffee products available to us in 2018, there’s a lot to learn about this delicious drink we all know and love. Today, we’ll be discovering the evolution of how coffee has been prepared throughout history.

 In the very beginning (according to legend)

There is an old Ethiopian legend that tells of a goat herder noticing his livestock chewing on a red berry and becoming alert and energetic. We can’t know for sure whether this is exactly how it happened, but we do know that it did all start with the red fruit that holds the coffee bean at its centre. Back then, the story goes, it hadn’t yet been discovered that it was the bean at the centre that actually caused the effect, so people consumed the fruit with the bean inside. The most popular way people enjoyed this fruit was mixed with animal fat, which they ate as a snack. They also created a drink made from boiling the leaves of the fruit.

The first brewing method

In 1555, word (as well as usage) of the coffee plant spread from Ethiopia to Yemen and then to Istanbul where the power of the bean was unleashed. This is when people discovered the taste, aroma and true effect of brewed coffee. In Istanbul, they used an open fire to roast the beans and then ground them until they became a fine powder. After that, the roasted and ground beans were added to water, which was cooked slowly over a weak charcoal fire.

This was also an important time in history because the position of a barista was first invented, a position which was held in high regard. Although, back then, the title was “kahvecibaşı” (Chief Coffee Maker).

As the popularity of coffee grew and grew, people began to want to make their own in their homes. And so the brewing process was simplified (but remained similar) and a coffee pot called a “cezve” was created. Of course, this process still took a much longer time than it now takes you to prepare your morning coffee. Aren’t you glad for Nestlé coffee machines which prepare your coffee quickly while you barely have to do anything at all?

Sugar and milk?

Eventually, the popularity of coffee made its way to Austria. If you enjoy milk and sugar in your coffee, then you should be grateful to the Polish military officer Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki. He was the man who opened the first bag of coffee beans to make its way to Austria and then decided that it really could use some sweetness and milk. In 1683, a coffee house was opened in Vienna due to the love of the hot beverage. It was around this time that the Viennese coffee Melange (coffee served with hot foamed milk and a glass of water) was created.

How coffee began spreading throughout the world

Until 1616, there were no living coffee bushes (or beans to be used to grow the bushes) in Europe. This meant that they could not produce their own coffee. But, finally, the Dutch Merchant Pieter van den Broecke managed to get his hands on some of the carefully watched bushes in Mocha, Yemen. He brought them home to Amsterdam with him and planted them in the botanical garden where they grew happily, producing many coffea arabica bushes for decades.

These bushes were used by the Dutch 42 years later, in 1658, to start cultivating coffee in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon) and then in southern India. They eventually stopped cultivation in these areas, but only a few years later, the Dutch colonies in Asia and the Americas were the main suppliers of coffee beans in Europe. This is particularly significant to coffee lovers who want to know its history because this was how the growth and cultivation of coffee bushes started to spread to different areas of the world. Many followed in the footsteps of the Dutch and now coffee is found in different areas of the world. Today, the top coffee producing countries in the world are Guatemala, Mexico, Uganda, India, Honduras, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam and Brazil.

These are just a few of the significant events in the history of coffee which affect the way we experience coffee today. Just imagine if coffee was only available in a few areas of the world, it would certainly cost a lot more for a cup of this hot beverage. Thankfully, coffee is readily available wherever you go and our coffee machines were created to make it quick and easy for you to enjoy this delicious beverage.





1.1.  Academy of Chefs


1.1.1.  The Academy of Chefs (AOC) is the honour society of the South African Chefs Association (SA Chefs)

1.1.2.  The official acronym of the Academy of Chefs in all languages will be known as AOC. This acronym will be used throughout this document.

1.1.3.  All references in this document are gender inclusive.

1.2. Head Office


1.2.1.  The AOC’s permanent head office is in Johannesburg, currently situated at:

SA Chefs

University of Johannesburg

School of Tourism & Hospitality,

Cnr. Bunting & Annet Road,

Auckland Park.


1.2.2. The SA Chefs head office is responsible for all archives and documents, including but not limited to the list of the AOC members, financial records and all minutes from AOC meetings.

1.3. Official Languages of AOC


1.3.1. The official business language of AOC is English.

1.4. AOC Logo


1.4.1    All AOC Fellows, in good standing, may make use of the logos, as stipulated below.

1.4.2.  No other entities are allowed to use the AOC Logo, for any purpose, including but not limited to, commercial purposes in relation to sales, advertising or promotion of goods, associations or services.

1.4.3.   Any Fellow which have been struck from the AOC and SA Chefs memberships lists, will lose the right to use the AOC logo in any form whatsoever, with immediate effect.

1.4.4.   No deviations from the prescribed conditions of the use of the logo, in any way is permitted.

1.4.5.  No other logos, except the official SA Chefs logo’ are permitted to be used in conjunction with the AOC logo.

1.4.6.  Any related AOC correspondence via email, letters should include only the official AOC logo under the signature.

1.4.7. Only AOC approved Chef Jackets may be worn:

  1. Jackets to be ordered via the AOC Chair or Vice Chair appointed Fellow.

  2. No other logo on the jacket is permissible.

  3. AOC Jackets are to be worn at official AOC or SA Chefs events only.


1.4.8. Any entity, using the AOC Logo (or adaptations) without the explicit written authorisation by SA Chefs and the AOC will be deemed to be using “parasite marketing” techniques and SA Chefs reserves the right to take appropriate action to stop this.


1.5. AOC Mission Statement


1.5.1. AOC Mission Statement:

The Academy of Chefs, is the honour Society of the South African Chefs Association, and its primary goal is to support, promote and create programs that promote education in the culinary profession by passing on the skills, training and expertise from within the fellowship.


1.5.2 Discrimination of any kind against a private person or groups of people on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason is strictly prohibited and punishable by suspension or expulsion.



 2.1.  Eligibility

 Every year the Chairman and Vice Chairman of AOC will review potential candidates who meet the requirements. There may not be more living AOC Fellows than the number of years that SA Chefs has been in existence. The potential candidates names are to be send the AOC fellowship. Candidates may then be eligible for sponsorship and induction by the full body of AOC.


2.1.1 The AOC Fellows candidate must meet all the following criteria before nomination is to be considered:

  1. Have held an active culinary SA Chefs Professional member privileges for at least fifteen (15) consecutive years.

  2. Have served for one full active term as:

    1. An elected SA Chefs Regional Officer; or

    2. A SA Chefs Special Elected Committee Chair; or

  • Served on the SA Chefs National Board; or

  1. Have represented South Africa as part of a full member of the Senior National Culinary team;

  1. Have attended a minimum of two Annual General Meetings and or SA Chefs Conferences, prior to his/her nomination.

  2. Be a SA Chefs Professional member in good standing.

  3. Be an active member in good standing within the hospitality Industry of the republic of South Africa.

  4. Must reside and work within the Republic of South Africa at the time of induction.

  5. Office bearers of the SA Chefs National and Regional offices are not eligible for AOC nomination during their current period serving office.

2.2. Sponsorship for Nomination


2.2.1.   All eligible AOC candidates must be sponsored by two (2) senior AOC Fellows. A senior AOC Fellow is a Fellow that has been inducted into the AOC for more than five (5) years prior, to being asked to sponsor a new candidate.


2.2.2.  A senior AOC Fellow is only permitted to sponsor one (1) candidate every four (4) years.

2.2.3.   One Senior AOC Fellow must submit a minimum 100-word recommendation on the candidate’s behalf, which must be ratified by the other senior AOC Fellow.

2.2.4.  The candidate is required to submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, covering inter alia but not limited to evidence of meeting the criteria set out on point  2.2.1.  All supporting evidence must be submitted concurrently with the C.V.

2.2.5. The Candidate will supply two (2) current, high resolution print quality full colour photos, in professional Chefs Whites. The photo may not be older than twelve (12) months and the chef must wear a traditional chefs torque. The picture must be a minimum of 5cm by 7 cm in size and may be submitted in electronic format.
2.3.  Induction


2.3.1    All eligible AOC candidates which have been successful in their Nomination and election into the AOC, will be inducted at official SA Chef’s event throughout the year of their acceptance

2.3.2. On induction the new member will be presented with:

  1. Numbered Medal with ribbon

  2. Official AOC Chef Jacket

  • AOC Pin

  1. Numbered Academy Certificate

2.3.3. Symbolism of the Colours

  1. The red in the ribbon reflects the passion for the profession.

  2. The gold trim on the ribbon reflects the highest level of recognition

  • The gold medallion was created to welcome Fellows into the Honour Society

2.4. Retaining Fellowship


2.4.1. Fellows of the Academy represent finest group of culinary professionals

in the republic of South Africa.

2.4.2.  Fellows of the Academy are required to:

  1. Enthusiastically provide their services, experience and knowledge to all SA Chefs Culinarians.

  2. Fellows should demonstrate leadership

  3. Transfer skills and knowledge.

  4. Embrace and encourage fresh innovative culinary ideas.

  5. Initiate and support new programmes for and on behalf of SA Chefs.

  6. Be available as guest speakers, panel participants and mentors.

  7. Assist, organise and conduct seminars, workshops across South Africa.

  8. Act as responsible culinary professionals.

  9. Be a role model and proud member of the profession and SA Chefs.

  10. Be a Professional member in good standing of SA Chefs.

2.4.3. Fellowship in the Academy may not be used for personal profit or gain of the individual.

2.4.4. Fellows are encouraged to use the designator AOC after their name in correspondence and on their business cards.

2.5. Termination of AOC Fellowship


The Academy of Chefs is the honour society of SA Chefs, and Fellowship therein requires the utmost integrity.

2.5.1. Termination and or suspension of AOC Fellowship may be initiated, if:

  1. A Fellow has given false or misleading information on his or her application. or

  2. A Fellow has given false or misleading information in support of or against another’s application. or

  3. A Fellow’s conduct prior to or whilst a Fellow of the Academy is unbecoming and not in accordance with the principles of the AOC.

  4. The Fellow’s SA Chefs Professional membership has been revoked and or lapsed.

2.5.2. The Fellow shall have the right to be heard by the Fellowship of the Academy as a body.

2.5.3. Termination of the Fellowship shall be by secret ballot and shall be conclusive.

2.5.6 All Fellows and applicants for Fellowship in the Academy pledge, on their honour, not to use or display the Academy certificate, Academy medal or any Academy emblem or insignia in their homes, offices, kitchens or in any public or private place, unless they are a Fellow in good standing in both the AOC and the SA Chefs.

2.5.7. All AOC Fellows agree to return all official AOC paraphernalia, inter alia but limited to: AOC Certificates, the AOC Medal, the AOC Pin and the AOC Jacket, upon termination of Fellowship, at the written request from the AOC Chair.

2.6.  AOC Fellowship Obligations

As a condition of fellowship, in addition to the AOC Pledge, all AOC Fellows shall be bound and abide by the SA Chefs Rules, Policies and Procedures, as amended from time to time, including without limitation, the Ethics Code and the Sa Chefs rules governing Unethical Conduct, the procedure for joining the SA Chefs, and termination and suspension of membership.





  • The Chairman of AOC shall be elected by a majority (50% plus 1) of the AOC Fellowship for a two (2) year term.

  • The AOC Chair may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms and may not hold any other nationally elected office within SA Chefs during term as AOC Chairman.

  • Should the AOC Chair after his/her first term wish to stand for a second term, an election must be held. All eligible fellows who qualify for the position of Chair may be nominated in this election

3.1.4. In order to serve as AOC Chair, an AOC Fellow shall:

  1. Be an active Fellow of AOC.

  2. Been an AOC Fellow for a minimum of 4 years.

  3. Maintain the highest standard of the AOC

  4. Not bring another AOC Fellow into disrepute verbally, via email correspondence, letters, campaign statements both prior and during the election process.

    • The outgoing Chair invites nominations for AOC Chair.

    • A registered signed nomination must be delivered to the outgoing Chair and SA Chefs appointed administrator.

    • The nomination must include a Current Curriculum Vitae, and a current high-quality photo in Chefs Whites with chef’s torque.

    • The election process falls under the auspices and control of the designated SA Chefs Administrator and is the election is by secret ballot.

    • The SA Chefs president advises the AOC Fellows members of the result of the election.

    • The induction of the new AOC officers will take place at a suitable timeous occasion by the outgoing Chairman of AOC, or by an AOC former Chairman in the case of re-election of the Chair.

3.2.  Actions by the AOC Chair.


3.2.1. The newly elected Chair shall within twenty-one (21) business days, nominate a Vice Chairman, who must be validated by a secret ballot amongst the Fellows of AOC. This election will be the sole responsibility of the AOC and will be run independently of SA Chefs.

3.2.2. Responsibilities of the AOC Chairs include inter alia but not limited to:

  1. Nominate a Vice Chairman

  2. Oversee the operation of AOC

  3. Secure sponsors and funds for the AOC in synergy with SA Chefs

  4. Chair regular meetings of AOC.

  5. Attend regular SA Chefs Board meetings, at the invitation of the SA Chefs president

  6. Maintain and present formal reports

  7. Maintain and present budgets for each AOC activity to SA Chefs.

  8. Appoint ad hoc committees of AOC when required.

  9. Review and oversee the minutes of all AOC meetings.

  10. Organise an annual AOC event in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

  11. The annual event to be preceded by a formal AOC regional meeting.

  12. Prepare and maintain an annual budget for the operation of AOC according to the principles as stipulated by SA Chefs.

  13. Maintain at all times the list of AOC Fellows, contains as many Fellows as the number of years of establishment of SA Chefs (Established 1974), including replacements for deceased fellows.

  14. Maintain and Administer the current list of Fellows


3.2.3. Except as otherwise provided by law, or SA Chefs Rules, the act of the Chair means action at a meeting of AOC by vote of a majority (50 % plus 1) of the AOC fellows at the time of the vote.

3.2.4. Any action required or permitted to be taken by Fellows of the AOC or any committee thereof may be taken without a meeting if all fellows of the AOC or the committee consent in writing to the adoption of a resolution authorising the action.

  • Any one or more Fellows of the AOC or any committee thereof, may participate in a meeting of such AOC or committee by means of a conference telephone or similar communications equipment allowing all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other at the same time. Participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at a meeting.

3.3. Removal from Office

3.3.1.  Should the elected Chair fail to carry out his/her duties to the satisfaction of the Fellows of the AOC and ten (10) or more request in writing to the SA Chefs Board of Directors that he be censured, he/she should be required to present his/her case before a representative committee of five (5) senior members of the Academy thereafter it should be put to the vote of the AOC where a majority vote shall prevail.

3.3.2. AOC Chairs may only be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, in accordance with procedures adopted by the Board of Directors.  Should the board of SA Chefs with a majority vote find that the elected AOC Chair has not acted in good faith for the AOC and or SA Chefs, or has lost his professional Good standing membership within SA Chefs, they may initiate disciplinary action or expulsion independently from the AOC.


  • Finances

    • All AOC finances fall under the direction of SA Chefs. As such all financial procedures, reporting and management must be according to the current financials policies and procedures as stipulated from time to time by the SA Chefs Financial Committee and the SA Chefs Board of Directors.

    • All fund raising, sponsorship negotiation, annual budgets, event budgets must be conducted prior to initiation and must have a pre-approval from the SA Chefs board and or their designated administrator.

    • SA Chefs shall reimburse all travel and lodging costs for the Chair to attend invited official SA Chefs board meetings.

    • Income funds collected by the AOC are allocated against a designated cost center within SA Chefs finances and are managed by the SA Chefs Treasurer and Board of Directors.

    • All approved budgeted expenses of AOC (including Chair expenses, administrative supplies, induction costs, awards and rewards,) shall be charged against this income.

    • The assets of the AOC are invested and managed by the SA Chefs Treasurer according to the instructions of the SA Chefs Board.



4.1 Representation of Interests

4.1.1. The AOC intends to represent the general interests of SA Chefs at its highest echelon, to enhance its prestige and to promote cookery with the members and parties through the use and propagation of the acquired knowledge of the AOC Fellows.


As the AOC represents the Honour Society of the SA Chefs it is generally accepted, that the AOC holds no power to confer on any individual or organisation any honorary status in the name of the AOC. Any Honorary status, recognition and such like must be issued in the name of SA Chefs and the criteria and procedures are to be found on the SA Chefs website.



6.1.    Any AOC Fellow in good standing may propose an amendment to the AOC Statutes, Policies and Procedures.

6.2. The proposed amendment, to be adopted, must receive a majority vote (50% plus1) by the AOC fellows.

6.3. The amendments must be ratified by a majority of the SA Chefs Board of Directors.


The above Statutes, Policies and Procedures enter into force in 2018, subject to their approval by the majority vote of the Fellows of the AOC and ratified by the Board of Directors of SA Chefs.

Upon approval, the above hereafter replaces any previously existing Statutes, Policies and Procedures of the Academy of Chefs of SA Chefs.



The Purpose:

The National Youth Chefs Training Programme, created in vital partnership with the National Department of Tourism, is a dynamic, practical and important project that trains and develops previously unemployed youths between the ages of 18 and 35.

Building on the previous success of the Programme and the partnership between NDT and the South African Chefs Association, in this document, we propose to engage our Training Centers to form part in promoting the Culinary Arts in High Schools through the Adopt a School programme.

This initiative is meant to equip High School potential Culinarians with knowledge and resources to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts Industry.

Introduction to the South African Chefs Association:


The South African Chefs Association has a proud history of promoting the art and science of cookery in South Africa.

From humble beginnings in 1974 when a group of six chefs had a vision of an Association that would represent the interests of cooks and chefs across the country, it has grown to become the most recognised and respected representation of chefs in South Africa.

The hospitality industry in South Africa remains stilted by the severe skills shortage, and the industry is currently not meeting the demand for qualified chefs. While there have been positive measures in place to assist with this growth, more skilled culinary professionals are needed to meet the demands of local and international travellers.

One of the guiding philosophies of SA Chefs is to provide opportunities for development to disadvantaged members of our industry and community. Through SA Chefs’ co-ordination of and participation in local and international competitions over the last three decades, we have ensured the upliftment of the industry to global standards and provided opportunities for previously disadvantaged chefs to further their careers and continue the culture of transferring knowledge through the ranks.

Our calling is one of providing our members with the tools to improve their lives and, even more importantly, to have a significant impact on the lives and careers of the chefs with whom they share the knowledge they have acquired through international food promotions, competitions, workshops, educational conferences and learning experiences.

The education environment in South Africa is facing massive changes in which SA Chefs, a SAQA recognised Professional Body, is playing a pivotal role.

SA Chefs have been instrumental in the curriculum design of the new QCTO Occupational Qualification: Chef, which was registered by SAQA in March 2015 with the SAQA ID  94941.


We are also participating in the Technical Working Group under the guidance of NAMB (national Artisans Moderation Body) designing the Trade Test, Trade test centre accreditation criteria and the RPL toolkit for the New Occupational Qualification: CHEF.


SA Chefs is also home to the Centre for Culinary Excellence (CCE) in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, which serves as a comprehensive, interactive, state-of-the-art culinary learning and reference source for professional chefs and students of the hospitality sector in Southern Africa.


Emerging businesses benefit strongly from the CCE, in that it is used as a venue to provide theoretical training to Community Caterers through an Enterprise Development Programme. Over 400 small, emerging businesses, such as community catering companies, have been supported by this training programme, developing and growing their businesses and ensuring a high quality of food training and standards that they were not previously exposed to.  This has resulted in increased opportunities for their businesses and staff that they employ.


To achieve SA Chefs’s role of ‘Reflecting South Africa’s Culinary Diversity’ the Association organises and participates in many events and shows around the country, giving our members (including our NYCTP students) the opportunity to present demonstrations and take part in competitions that not only improve their knowledge and skill but also assist in raising their profile in the industry.


SA Chefs is proud to have 8 regional branches around the country. Namely, in Gauteng (Soweto and Johannesburg), Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Garden Route, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and the North West Province.

Our members are spread throughout the country and are represented in all spheres of the hospitality sector, from fine dining to fast food restaurants.


SA Chefs is particularly proud of its charity initiative, the World Chefs Tour Against Hunger (WCTAH), which provides food for children in need. This feeding scheme now successfully provides meals for over 8000 children on a  daily basis, country wide.


SA Chefs has a proven track record of implementing and managing far-reaching programmes with social impact, the pinnacle of which is the National Youth Chefs Training Programme – the successful, award-winning programme that is made possible by the vital support, partnership and sponsorship of the National Department of Tourism.


Adopt a School Concept


The South African Chefs Association has been very active in producing quality Chefs throughout the Country, and it has been discovered that there’s still shortage of Chefs in the Country.

Therefore the SA Chefs Association would like to invite all our partners to leave mark in developing High Schools across the Country and adopt a School in their location that really needs assistance in any of the following :


  • Furniture/Equipment

NYCTP partners may donate any of their unused Equipment or furniture that the High School may need.

  • Books

NYCTP Partners may also donate Cook Books to the High School learners that are studying towards Hospitality or Culinary Industry.

  • Information Sharing

NYCTP Partner may also participate High Schools information sharing days to alert the learners about opportunities in the Culinary Industry.

  • Open Days

NYCTP Partner may also make arrangement with the High School that they participate in Schools open days,

  • Food and Catering

NYCTP Partner may also participate at the High School as a prime Caterer for events or maybe run the Schools Tuck shop if possible or become a Consulting partner for the School’s Tuck Shop,


Executive Summary

The National Department of Tourism and the South African Chefs Association have been in this relationship for over 6 years, and the only ambition is to produce culinary professionals, create employment which produced good results thus far,

It has been identified that most High Schools that are based in poverty stricken areas do not have knowledge and awareness of the Culinary Arts profession, which requires the Professionals to invest or create interest to the Youth of this Country about Culinary Industry.










































City Lodge Hotel Group Named Official Accommodation Partner for the South African Culinary Olympic Squad

Johannesburg, xx May 2018 – The City Lodge Hotel Group, the home of great accommodation establishments, has signed on as the official accommodation partner of the South African National Culinary Olympic Squad.


The National Culinary Olympic Squad is a division of the South African Chefs Association and will compete in the oldest and most prestigious global culinary competition in Stuttgart, Germany in February 2020.


As the official accommodation partner, City Lodge Hotel Group provides the squad with accommodation when they gather to prepare, until the IKA Culinary Olympics in 2020.


“The aspiring squad convenes once a month to practise the preparation of their chosen dishes and to talk through their strategy,” says Trevor Boyd, Team Manager, Executive Chef of The Michelangelo Hotel. “With team members based all over the country, the logistics of getting them together is challenging and we are delighted to have the City Lodge Hotel Group on board to help us unite our team for the monthly sessions.”


South Africa first sent a team to compete in the prestigious IKA Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart in 1980, with that team bringing home five individual gold medals and winning fourth place in the hot kitchen competition. Since then, the team has regularly competed across the globe and has brought back many medals and accolades, proudly showcasing South Africa’s talents on the international stage.


“This partnership with the Culinary Olympics squad is testament to our long-standing commitment to the South African hospitality industry,” explains Zuki Jantjies, divisional director: sales and marketing for City Lodge. “We share the same passion that sits within the core of the team’s culinary creations and are exceptionally proud to be an official sponsor of the team that represents South Africa in one of the toughest challenges on the culinary calendar.”


The team is hard at work, putting in the necessary hours to do South Africa proud. “Our participation is made possible through generous sponsorships, and we are grateful to the City Lodge Hotel Group for playing a key part in helping us prepare to face the entire world’s elite in cooking and culinary arts,” Boyd says.


Food and Hospitality Africa powered by Hostex

The Hostex is one of the leading hospitality and culinary expos in South Africa. But this year, it promises to be one of the biggest and most exciting of them all. Visitors will experience an amazing programme of demonstrations by top chefs, culinary displays as well as competitions for foodie students, up-and-coming chefs and experienced chefs at the SA Chefs Association’s Chefs Village. One of the popular attractions at Hostex is the global pizza challenge, which is going to be bigger and better this year. Other activities include mixology demonstrations, the Specialty Coffee Association of Southern Africa will also be promoting top-notch coffee making, which will showcase the best coffee making skills that Gauteng has to offer.

Within the 2nd middle school level, pupils will frequently try to rebel to be able to establish themselves.

Composing is notably regarded as being an art form by many folks. This publication isn't a simple study, nor should it be. Book evaluations were posted on my own web log along with the websites of these folks participating within the critique. Study this, unquestionably, ahead of studying this educational post. Through time, novels became my passion. (more…)

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